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Bridge to Doctorate

The Bridge to the Doctorate Fellowship (BD) is a great opportunity to continue your STEM education toward earning a STEM Ph.D at a selected Louis Stokes institution. The BD consists of a cohort of 12 Louis Stokes scholars enrolled in a STEM graduate program with the goal of attaining the Ph.D. The BD provides:

  • Tuition and health insurance (2 yrs.) $10,500.00 annually
  • Learning Community focused upon degree attainment
  • Offers excellent opportunities for international research
  • Travel to professional conferences
  • STEM Professional Development
  • Fellowship stipend (2yrs.) at $30,000.00 annually

BD is a great program for those interested in pursuing the STEM Ph.D, as the FGLSAMP BD to-date (2003-present) has a greater than 85% rate of completion to the STEM Ph.D. Our BD alumni are employed with organizations such as:

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Intel Corp
Draper Laboratory
Northrup Grumman
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Please contact us for more information on this wonderful program.