Dr. Micheal J Perez

Michael Jay Perez is a PhD Candidate, McKnight Doctoral Fellow, and Teaching Assistant at the University of Florida Physics Department. Prior to his present position, he received a B.S. in Physics with a minor in Mathematics from the University of Central Florida. As a doctoral student, Mr. Perez was awarded both the NSF Bridge to the Doctorate and McKnight Doctoral Fellowship. His research focuses on the application of symmetries to physics beyond the Standard Model, and has been published in the Journal of High Energy Physics, and Physical Review D.

Mr. Perez has been an invited speaker for both the Phenomenology Symposium in 2014, and the April APS 2014 meeting, as well as the Miami 2012 Physics Conference. In addition to giving several talks at his home institution, he also served as an organizer for the Graduate Student Seminar for the physics department, as well as the organizer for the student led High Energy Journal Club.