Dr. Regina Easley

Dr. Regina Easley graduated from Hampton University with a B.S. in chemistry (1999) and obtained her M.S. in organic chemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles (2002). After working for two years in the pharmaceutical industry as an analytical chemist, she enrolled in the College of Marine Science at the University of South Florida as a NSF Florida Georgia LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate and Alfred P. Sloan doctoral fellow. Her research involved the development of novel analytical methods to examine the inorganic carbon dioxide system in seawater and particularly to monitor potential impacts of ocean acidification. While working on her doctoral degree, Dr. Easley spent over 120 days at sea participating in oceanographic research cruises in the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean and Arctic Ocean. She also served as a Natural Resource Damage Assessment consultant during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. She completed her doctoral degree in Chemical Oceanography at USF in 2013.

Regina was the recipient of several awards including the USF Graduate Student Success Fellowship and served as a participant and peer mentor in the Minorities Striving and Pursuing Higher Degrees of Success in Earth System Science (MSPHD’s) program. In 2010, Dr. Easley gave an oral presentation on “Reflections on the University of South Florida’s NSF FGLSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate Program for Increasing Graduate Degrees in the Geosciences” at the 6th Organisation (GEO) in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is currently a National Institute of Standards and Technology National Research Council (NIST/NRC) postdoc where she is developing standard reference material for seawater pH analysis. Quadrennial Conference of International Geoscience Educators.