Prospective Students

To become a FGLSAMP Scholar, all you have to do is-

  • Be enrolled in a FGLSAMP institution
  • Have interest in attaining a degree in an area of science; technology; engineering; or mathematics (STEM)
  • Maintain a minimum G.P.A of 2.8
  • Participate in the schedule of activities during the school year
  • Must participate in a research experience (on or off campus)
  • Adhere to the program guidelines as established by the FGLSAMP Coordinator and the National Science FoundationIf you meet the above criteria and are interested in joining FGLSAMP, click on the link below to complete the online application.

Student Perspectives:

FGLSAMP Scholar Heading to University of Colorado-Boulder  

By Jorge Osio-Norgaard, FGLSAMP Scholar-University of Florida

I enrolled at the University of Florida for the fall of 2011, and I have had 5 wonderful years of learning and growing. From my first time volunteering as a research assistant to joining the FGLSAMP has made me grow as an individual and as a researcher. As someone interested in developing lunar infrastructure materials FGLSAMP allowed me to opportunity to meet Nicole Stott, an astronaut with NASA who strongly encouraged me to pursue my dreams. While attending University of Florida and participating in FGLSAMP I have met many students from minority backgrounds who have also been given tremendous research opportunities by this program. As with me, the FGLSAMP experience allows each of us to fully engage in our academic pursuits. I plan to pursue graduate studies and obtain my doctorate in civil engineering at the University of Colorado-Boulder, to be able to develop new and sustainable infrastructure materials. I hope to remain involved with the LSAMP at any school I may attend so that I may help other young minorities develop into talented researchers.

How to Apply For Graduate School